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About Doc Holiday
About Wyatt Earp

About Virgil Earp

About Morgan Earp

About James Earp

About Warren Earp

About Newton Earp

About William "Curley Bill" Brocius (outlaw)

About Billy Claiborne (outlaw)

About Pete Spence (outlaw)

About Ike Clanton (outlaw)

About Phin Clanton (outlaw)

About Johnny Ringo (outlaw)

About "Old Man" Clanton" (outlaw)

Frank Stillwell (outlaw)

About Frank McLaury (outlaw killed at the OK Corral)
About Tom McLaury (outlaw killed at the OK Corral)

About Billy Clanton (outlaw killed at the OK Corral)

About Johnny Behan (Sheriff)

William Breckinridge (Deputy Sheriff)

About Fred White (Marshal)
About George Parson

About Wells Spicer (Judge)

About George Goodfellow MD

About Nellie Cashman (Angel Of Mercy)

About Big Nose Kate (prostitute & Doc Holiday's girlfriend)

About Ed Schieffelin

About John Clum (editor/publisher of Tombstone Epitaph)


Morgan Earps Death In The Tombstone Epitaph
Tombstone Epitaph Story The Day After The OK Corral Shootout

Tombstone Pioneers Burial Place
Mistakes In The Movie Tombstone

For fallacies in the movie Tombstone please visit this web site:

These pictures of Tombstone were not all taken in one visit. I have been to Tombstone on 7 different occasions  and took pictures each time I was there.

44. Old Buggy

45. Crystal Palace Saloon and Golden Eagle Brewery

46. Crystal Palace Saloon and Golden Eagle Brewery

47. Bar in the Crystal Palace

48. Bar in the Crystal Palace




52. Stagecoach

53. Stagecoach

54. Stagecoach





58. Oriental Saloon. Wyatt Earp was once the owner.

59. This painting hangs in the Oriental Saloon. It is the original painted done in the 1880s



Edward Lawrence Schieffelin (1847-May 27, 1897), was a Tioga County, Pennsylvania native who became the founder of Tombstone, Arizona. Schieffelin lived a relatively quiet life for thirty years, until he decided, in 1877, to travel to California, looking for gold. This was during the California gold rush era. He ended up as an Indian scout working out of Camp Hauchuca. He kept prospecting in his spare time, and eventually near the San Pedro Valley, Arizona, at a waterless plateau called Goose Flats, he found silver instead of gold. Having been joshed by soldiers about his rock-collecting to the effect that "The only rock you will find out there will be your own tombstone", Schieffelin decided to name the mining claim the "tombstone." Although it took a year to prove that the ore was good, and to locate a sizable vein of it, Schieffelin and several other men finally divided several very valuable mining claims. Originally surveyed as Goose Flats, the town of Tombstone (named after the mine and founded in 1879) boomed into a modern business city of the time, a county seat, and the site of the legendary gunfight near the O.K. Corral.

Schieffelin Hall, an entertainment center built by Ed's brother Al in 1881 at the height of Tombstone's prosperity, remains preserved in Tombstone today.

Tombstone's mines played out in the late 1880's but they had already made Ed Schieffelin a rich man. He left town and traveled widely, but wanted to be returned to Tombstone when he died. He died suddenly of natural causes while prospecting in Oregon in 1897, at the age of 49. He was found alone in his miner's cabin, slumped over valuable samples of ore, origin unknown. His journal said "Struck it rich again, by God!"

As requested in his will, Schieffelin is interred about two miles from Tombstone (at a cemetery located at West Allen street). He was buried as his will specified in mining clothes, with pick, shovel, and his old canteen.

A 25-foot monument was erected at the spot, intended to represent the type of marker a miner makes in claiming a strike.

62. Ed's Monument

63. Ed's Monument

64. Old Wagon



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